Module IV Objectives

At the end of this module, you will be able to perform the following tasks in Tagalog:

Lesson 9: At the Market

1. Buy seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits.
2. Tell the salesperson what you want to buy and ask how much the items cost.
3. Buy items of food, using units of weights and measures such as litro (“liter”) and kilo (“kilogram”)
4. Understand the numbers from 60-100.

Lesson 10

1. Tell a department store clerk what you’re looking for.
2. Say you like a particular item of clothing, ask if you can try it on, and understand the clerk’s answer.
3. Ask for an item of clothing by size or color.
4. Say why an article of clothing doesn’t fit.

Lesson 11

9. Bargain over the prices of souvenirs.
10. Ask what material a particular item is made out of and understand the answer.

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