Module II Objectives

At the end of this module you will be able to perform the following tasks in Tagalog:

Lesson 4: How Does One Get to the Bus Station?

  1. Ask for and understand directions.
  2. Say “I don’t understand” and “Please, repeat.”
  3. Ask about distance (far, near).
  4. Understand Pilipino and Tagalized Spanish numbers(1-60) used to state distances (in terms of kilometers, streets and time).
  5. Express your thanks to someone who has helped you.

Lesson 5: At the Ticket Window

  1. Ask for the departure or arrival time of a bus,plane, or boat and understand the answer.
  2. Ask about one-way or round-trip fares.
  3. Understand Tagalized Spanish terms for prices (20-60)

Lesson 6: At the Gas Station

  1. Ask a gas station attendant for routine service and understand statements such as “The car needs oil/water” and “Everything is OK.”
  2. Describe repairs your car needs.
  3. Make arrangements to have your car repaired (days of the week)
  4. Ask a gas station attendant “How much for everything?” and understand his answer.
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