Translate Tagalog to English

This translator uses Google Translate. It uses a computer to translate Tagalog to English. It is not always accurate. In fact some of the translations are not even close and often are quite funny.

Many translations are correct, such as:

  • Mahal kita (I love you).
  • Anong ginagawa mo? (What are you doing?)
  • Saan ka pupunta? (Where are you going?)
  • Taga-saan ka? (Where are you from?)
  • Saan ka galing? (Where have you been?)
  • Sino ka? (Who are you?)
  • Nasaan ang banyo? (Where is the bathroom?)
  • Gusto mo ba? (Do you want?)
  • Mahal mo ba ako? (Do you love me?)
  • Miss na miss kita. (I miss you so much.)
  • Gusto mo bang kumain? (Do you want to eat?)
  • Anong pangalan mo? (What’s your name?)
  • Saan ka nakatira? (Where do you live?)

Try the above sentences out yourself and see what you get?

You may get slightly wrong Tagalog translations,  such as:

  • Nasa kusina ang lalaki.  (The man in the kitchen.)
    The correct translation is (The man is in the kitchen.)
  • Sino ang may kotse? (Who have a car?)
    The correct translation is (Who has a car? or even Who is the one that has a car?)

Note: The Google translator is always improving. Therefore, even the translations I just listed as wrong, may now be corrected.

To learn more about Google Translate you can check out the Wikipedia article here. The translator tends to have more problems translating Tagalog to English if the Tagalog sentence is long. Try to use shorter sentences.

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