Tagalog Translations 2

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Ako si Paul I’m Paul
Ako? Mabuti naman. Me? Quite fine.
Ako’y dalawampung taon gulang na. I’m twenty years old.
Ako’y nagugutom. I’m hungry.
Ako’y nauuhaw. I’m thirsty.
Ako’y nawawala I’m lost
Akong bahala. I’ll take care of it.
Ala una na. It’s already one o’clock.
ala una ng hapon It’s 1:00 p.m.
ala una ng umaga It’s 1:00 a.m.
Ala una o alas dos? one o’clock or two o’clock.
Ala una pa lang. It’s just one o’clock.
Ala una y medya half past one
Ala una. One o’clock.
Ala una’y medya. It’s half past one.
Alaga ang maamong hayop na ito. This tame animal is a pet.
Alaga ito ng babae. It is the woman’s pet.
Alaga ito ng batang lalaki. It is the boy’s pet.
Alagaan mo ako. Take care of me.
Alagaan mo ang anak ko. Take care of my child.
Alagaan mo ang mga anak mo. Take care of your children.
Alagaan mo ang mga bata. Take care of the children.
Alagaan mo ang puso ko. Take care of my heart
alahas jewelry
alahas na Mexicano. Mexican jewelry
Alam ko ang ginawa mo. I know what you did.
Alam ko ang gusto mong sabihin. I know what you mean.
Alam ko ang sagot sa iyong tanong. I know the answer to your question.
Alam ko kung magkano ang pera ko. I know how much money I have.
Alam ko na. Now I know.
Alam ko. I know.
Alam kong mahalaga ang pagkain ng gulay pero ayaw ko ang mga ito. I know that eating vegetables is important, but I don’t like them.
Alam mo ba ang address ko? Do you know my address?
Alam mo ba ang address? Do you know the address?
Alam mo ba ang ibig sabihin nito? Do you know what this means?
Alam mo ba ang numero ng telepono niya? Do you know his phone number?
Alam mo ba ang pangalan niya? Do you know his name?
Alam mo ba kung ano ang iyong sinasabi? Do you know what you’re saying?
Alam mo ba kung ano ito? Do you know what this is?
Alam mo ba kung ano yan? Do you know what that is?
Alam mo ba kung anong gusto ko? Do you know what I want?
Alam mo ba kung anong gusto namin? Do you know what we want?
Alam mo ba kung anong gusto nila? Do you know what they want?
Alam mo ba kung anong gusto niya? Do you know what she/he wants?
Alam mo ba kung ilan ang taong darating? Do you know how many people are coming?
Alam mo ba kung matatalo ang asul na kuponan? Do you know if the blue team is going to lose?
Alam mo ba kung may sapat kang pera? Do you know if you have enough money?
Alam mo ba kung may sapat tayong kape para sa mga bisita.? Do you know if we have enough coffee for all the guests?
Alam mo ba kung nasaan ang US embasi? Do you know where the US embasy is?
Alam mo ba kung nasaan na tayo? Do you know where we are?
Alam mo ba kung pupunta siya sa Maynila? Do you know if he’s coming to Manila?
Alam mo ba kung sino siya? Do you know who he/she is?
Alam mo ba kung tumutugtog siya ng gitara? Do you know if she plays guitar?
Alam mo ba? Do you know?
Alam mo bang nagsasalita ako ng Tagalog? Do you know that I speak Tagalog?
Alam mo bang pupunta ako sa Pilipinas? Did you know that I’m going to the Philippines?
Alam mo. You know.
Alam mong ayaw ko ng mga lumang libro. You know I don’t like old books.
Alam na alam mong huli lamang ako ng apat na minuto. You know very well I’m only four minutes late.
Alam na ngayon ng babae kung saan siya pupunta. Now the woman knows where he is going.
Alam nating nakasulat sa poem ang love letter ito. We know that this love is written as a poem.
Alam nila kung saan makakahanap ng gulay. They know where they can find vegetables.
Alam nila na nanonood ang mga nanay nila. They know that their mothers are watching.
Alam niya ang numero ng telepono niya. He knows her phone number.
Alam niya ang pangalan niya. He knows her name.
Alam niya kung magkano ito. She knows how much this costs.
Alam niyang malamig sa labas. He knows that it’s cold outside.
Alam niyang natutulog ang bata. She knows that the child is sleeping.
Alamin mo kung anong gusto niya. Find out what he/she wants.
Alamin mo. Find out.
Alan (po) ang pangalan ko. Alan is my name.
Alan ang pangalan niya. His name is Alan.
Alas diyes na. It’s already 10 o’clock.
Alas diyes pa lang ngayon. Its still only 10 o’clock.
Alas diyes pa lang. Still only 10 o’clock.
Alas diyes. Ten o’clock.
Alas dos kinse na. It is two fifteen.
Alas dos kwarenta y singko na. It is a quarter to three.
Alas dos na ba? Is it two’clock already?
Alas dos na. It’s two o’clock already.
Alas dos pa lang. It’s still only two o’clock.
Alas dos y medya na. It is two thirty.
Alas dos. It’s two o’clock.
Alas dos? two o’clock?
alas dose kwarenta y singko 0.53125
Alas dose na ba? Is it already twelve o’clock?
Alas dose na. It’s twelve o’clock.
alas dose ng tanghali It is twelve o’clock noon.
Alas dose pa ako kakain. I’m still going to eat at twelve o’clock.
Alas dose, hindi alas dos. Twelve o’clock, not two o’clock.
Alas dose? Twelve o’clock?
Alas kuwatro Four o’clock
Alas kuwatro na ba? Is it already four o’clock?
Alas kuwatro na. It is four o’clock.
Alas nuwebe kinse. It’s nine fifteeen.
Alas nuwebe na lang. Let it be nine o’clock.
Alas nuwebe na. It’s nine o’clock.

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