Tagalog Translations 14

Anong oras ang dating ng flight mo? What time does your flight arrive?
Anong oras ang dating ng tren mo? What time does your train arrive?
Anong oras ang dating? What time is the arrival?
Anong oras ang umpisa? What time is the start.
Anong oras darating ang bus mo? What time does your bus arrive?
Anong oras darating ang bus mula sa Tarlac? What time will the bus arrive from Tarlac?
Anong oras darating ang huling bus? What time does the last bus arrive?
Anong oras darating ang kotse mula sa Manila Hotel? What time will the car arrive from the Manila Hotel?
Anong oras darating ang susonod na bus? What time does the next bus arrive?
Anong oras darating ang tren? What time is the train arriving?
Anong oras darating ang unang bus? What time does the first bus arrive?
Anong oras gusto mo? What time do you want?
Anong oras gusto mong kumain? What time do you want to eat?
Anong oras ihahanda ang almusal. What time is breakfast made ready? (served)
Anong oras ka babalik? What time will you be back?
Anong oras ka pumunta sa trabaho? What time did you go to work?
Anong oras kayo dumating? What time did you all arrive?
Anong oras kayo pumunta sa eskuwelahan? What time did you go to school?
Anong oras magsisimula ang salu-salo? What time does the party start?
Anong oras maguumpisa ang tur? What time does the tour begin?
Anong oras mong gustong kumain bukas? What time do you want to eat tomorrow?
Anong oras mong gustong mag-kape? What time do you want to have coffee?
Anong oras mong gustong uminom mamayang gabi? What time do you want to drink later tonight?
Anong oras na ngayon? What time is it now?
Anong oras na po? What time is it? (formal)
Anong oras na? What time is it?
Anong oras po ako dapat mag-check in sa airport? What time must I check-in at the airport?
Anong oras po ang alis ng eroplano papuntang Maynila? What time does the plane leave for Manila?
Anong oras po dumarating ang mga sulat? What time does the mail arrive?
Anong oras po kayo darating? What time are you arriving?
Anong oras po mag-uumpisa? What time is it going to start?
Anong oras po sila darating dito. What time will they arrive here?
Anong oras po tayo darating sa Baguio? What time will we arrive in Baguio?
Anong oras sila darating? What time are they coming?
Anong oras tayo aalis? What time do we leave?
Anong oras tayo darating? What time do we arrive?
Anong oras? What time?
Anong pag-aaralan mo? What are you going to study?
Anong pag-aaralan ninyo bukas? What are you going to study tomorrow?
Anong palapag po ang kuwarto ko? On what floor is my room?
Anong pangalan mo? What’s your name? (casual)
Anong pangalan ng kaibigan mo? What is the name of your friend?
Anong pangalan ninyo? What is your name / what are your names?
Anong petsa ngayon? What’s the date today?
Anong petsa po ngayon? What is today’s date?
Anong pinag-aaralan mo? What are you studying?
Anong pinag-aaralan ninyo ngayon? What are you studying today?
Anong pinakanagustuhan mo sa iyong bakasyon? What did you like the most about your vacation?
Anong pinapanood mo? What are you watching?
Anong pong gusto ninyong gawin? What would you like to do? (formal)
Anong pong gusto ninyong inumin? What would you like to drink? (formal)
Anong pong gusto ninyong kainin? What would you like to eat? (formal)
Anong pong gusto ninyong panoorin? What would you like to watch? (formal)
Anong problema? What’s the problem?
Anong puwede kong dalhin? What can I bring?
Anong regalo mo sa akin? What’s your gift for me.
Anong sa palagay mo? What do you think?
Anong sabihin yan sa Tagalog? What does that mean in Tagalog?
Anong sinabi mo? What did you say?
Anong sinabi ng doktor? What did the doctor say?
Anong sinabi ng pulis? What did the police officer say?
Anong sinabi ng titser? What did the teacher say?
Anong sinabi nila? What did they say?
Anong sinabi niya? What did he say?
Anong tawag dito sa Filipino? What’s this called in Filipino?
Anong tawag dito? What’s this called.
Anong temperatura ng sanggol? What’s the baby’s temperature?
Anong temperatura sa labas? What’s the temperature outside?
Anong trabaho mo? What is your work?
Anong trabaho ng kapatid mo? What is your brother’s work?
Anong trabaho ng kapatid mong babae? What is your sister’s work?
Anong trabaho ng tatay mo? What is your father’s work?
Anong uri ng aso ito? What type of dog is this?
Anong uri ng bulaklak ito? What type of flower is this?
Anong uri ng gusali ito? What kind of building is this?
Anong uri ng kotse ang gusto mo? What type of car do you want?
Anong uri ng kotse ito? What kind of car is this?
Anong uri ng muwebles ito? What kind of furniture is this?
Anong uri ng party iyon? What type of party is it?
Anong uri ng puno ito? What type of tree is this?
Anong wika ang sinasalita niya? What language is he speaking?
Antok ka na ba? Are you already sleepy?
Antok na ako! I am sleepy already.
Anumang problem, sabihin mo sa akin. Whatever the problem, tell me.
apartment an apartment
Apat Four
Apat ang susi. There are four keys.
Apat dagdagan ng dalawa ay anim. Four plus two is six.
Apat dagdagan ng isa ay lima. Four plus one is five.
Apat kami sa pamilya ko. We are four in my family.
Apat kami. There are four of us.
Apat multiplikahin ng tatlo ay labinlima. Four times three equals fifteen.
Apat na araw lamangako rito. I have been here only 4 days.
Apat na araw ng bakasyon. Four days of vacation.
apat na bata four children
Apat na bata ang tumatalon. Four children are jumping.
apat na batang lalaki four boys
apat na bintana four windows
apat na bola four balls
apat na braso four arms

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