Tagalog Phrases Defined e-Book (PDF)

Over 5,000 Tagalog Phrases with all Words Defined

When you are reading new Tagalog sentences,some words will be new to you, or maybe all of the words! Do you ever wish the words were already defined for you? If you answered yes, I know how you feel.

Look at the Following Tagalog and English Phrases. Notice the Definitions

Sample Phrases from Tagalog Phrases Defined

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Now, I want you to imagine 5,300 Phrases like that!

You can read the Tagalog, then English, then Word Definitions.

Right There!

No Dictionary Needed!

Let’s Face It

Learning a new language is a challenge. Trying to read sentences with many new words is tough! It is very time consuming to look up new words in the dictionary. Many times, the words are not even IN the dictionary!

I’m offering you a complete listing of the 5,300 Tagalog and English phrases found on my sister site tagalogphrases.com


I created the Tagalog Phrases website because I enjoy learning Tagalog. I think having a huge list of phrases is a very helpful learning resource. However, even though you have the English translation of the Tagalog sentences, you may be frustrated trying to pick out the individual words!

Tagalog Phrases Defined

That’s why I decided to create another list of all the Tagalog and English phrases on the TagalogPhrases.com website, and make it easier for you to find the meaning of individual Tagalog words. You don’t need to waste your time looking in one dictionary and then another. I already looked up the words for you!

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(Thats 1,084 Pages! 5,374 Phrases)



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