Buying at the Market

What would you like to buy, ma’am? Anong bibilhin ninyo, ma‘am?
How much is this? Magkano ito?
How much is a kilo? Magkano ang kilo?
It’s too expensive. Masyadong mahal. /Ang mahal naman
Is there a discount? Pwedeng tumawad?
This is cheap. Mura na ito.
How much do you want? Magkano ang gusto mo?
Can you give it for P100? Puwedeng piso?
Give me a kilo of potatoes. Bigyan mo ako ng isang kilo ng patatas.
Here is my payment. Heto ang bayad ko.
Here is your change. Hetong sukli mo.
Is there anything else? Meron pa ba?/Ano pa?
C’mon. (An expression used to persuade the vendor to meet your terms.) Sige na.

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