Alan Millet, web author
Hello, my name is Alan and I am the author of Learn-Tagalog.com.

I love learning Tagalog and I am fascinated by all things “Filipino”. I find that learning the language has helped me tremendously in my friendships with my Filipino friends, and I enjoy the challenge the language offers.

I have many ideas for this website and I will be working hard to implement those ideas.

[tippy title=”Helo, Alan ang pangalan ko. “]Hello, My name is Alan.[/tippy][tippy title=”Taga Amerika ako. “]I am from America.[/tippy] [tippy title=”Nakatira ako sa Pennsylvania. “]I live in Pennsylvania.[/tippy] [tippy title=”Hindi ako Pinoy pero marunong akong mag-Tagalog. “]I am not Pinoy, but I know how to speak Tagalog.[/tippy]

[iwrtooltip title=”Good morning”]Magandang umaga.[/iwrtooltip]

[iwrtooltip title=’no, not’]Hindi [/iwrtooltip] [iwrtooltip title=’I’]ako [/iwrtooltip] [iwrtooltip title=’male Filipino’]Pinoy [/iwrtooltip] [iwrtooltip title=’but’]pero [/iwrtooltip] [iwrtooltip title=’know how’]marunong [/iwrtooltip] [iwrtooltip title=’I + ng linker’]akong [/iwrtooltip] [iwrtooltip title=’to speak Tagalog’]mag-Tagalog [/iwrtooltip] [iwrtooltip title=”I am not Pinoy, but I know how to speak Tagalog.”]LAHAT[/iwrtooltip]

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